Sharing the energy that comes from music is the reason I love to teach singing. Using the Complete Vocal Technique (CVT), I will teach you the methods you need to jumpstart your craft and give you a new approach to singing.

CVT is a system that was created to make singing techniques comprehensible for everybody, from total beginners to professional singers. CVT is the result of over 25 years of research by Cathrine Sadolin (find out more here: This technique has helped me to understand what happens physically when I sing, as well as how to sing whatever I wish in a healthy way, without tiring my vocal cords or becoming hoarse.

My background as both a live singer and a studio singer in an a cappella group in Switzerland and in a rock band in Copenhagen has given me a wide range of experience that I will share with you when you become my student.

I teach individuals and groups, as well as choirs. For larger groups I usually start out with a CVT Workshop to bring all the singers up to the same level of knowledge and provide them with the right tools to work with.

All students bring their own wishes and goals to the their lessons, and we then work together on songs and styles. Knowing, understanding, and practicing the technique I teach will give you the skills you need to explore your favorite genres and sing your favorite songs.


LOUISE, Copenhagen:
Great teacher, great method… As an inexperienced singer I learned a lot from Albin and I’m more confident about singing. The method is easy to apply and fun to work with. Making a bit of progress every time, gaining more voice control, reaching higher or lower notes, is definitely a rewarding experience.
JESS, Copenhagen:
I have always enjoyed singing, but I never felt confident to sing in front of others. Albin has been a terrific coach for teaching me both the tools to use for singing and giving me the boost to feel like I could perform in front of others.
BURKE, Copenhagen:
Albin always tackles my singing issues during a song. Every session is joyful with difficulties overcome
KIM, Copenhagen:
I have been working with Albin for over 2 years, both individually and in a small group of friends singing together. It always amazes me to see how he figures out each of our talents and each of our challenges, and how he then works with each of us in a different way to draw out the best work from us as individuals and as a group.


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